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Here we have a variety of amazing concentrates you can choose from! Pressed frozen or extracted in anyway you'll find here!  

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This strain is celebrated for its delectable, fruity flavors and smells that utterly intoxicate the senses. This is a balanced hybrid that has a very potent high you will not forget as it hits head to toe. Anything blended with Cherry AK-47 is a treat!..
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This is the cleanest strongest product there is. Double pressed and never a drop of solvents. Stored and aged over months to make diamonds. This beautiful blend will blow you away as far as concentrates go! This should be a hybrid strain that is sweet and earthy. When you try it, let us know what yo..
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Here you can choose your option of 7, 14, or 28g packs. These are pre-made and I will guarantee in a 7g pack, you will have 4 strains in a 14g pack you will have 7 and in a full 28gram zip a minimum of 10 strains. It will also be evenly balanced with Sativa's, hybrids and Indica's. Amazing price for..
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